Convenience: British Essentials offers a one-stop-shop to easily purchase your favourite products. Save yourself the hassle looking high & low, store to store in different obscure places for your products. Instead we'll deliver them straight to your door.

Largest Selection: British Essentials offers the widest selection of British products online, including food, drinks, household items, and more. With over 15,000+ items across hundreds of famous brands you have all the choice right at your fingertips!

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Our customers keep coming back!

Here are some of the reasons we're getting 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Kim said:

You've made my husband very happy! Easy to order from the website for UK items and the fastest delivery I've ever seen. Great products and awesome service!


Lizzie said:

Always have what i’m looking for, website is easy to navigate, shipping is fast …what’s not to love!!